Proclamation Of Accession

CORWIN by the grace of the Almighty Unicorn King of Amber and all Her Domains of Shadow, including all Holdings in the Golden Circle and Outer Shadows, etc.

Because it has pleased the Almighty Unicorn to call forth to our dearest father Oberon, late King of Amber and all Her Domains of Shadow, to bestow upon us as the only right heir by blood and lawful succession the crown of the Kingdom of Amber with all manner titles and rights there unto in anywise appertaining:

We do publish and give knowledge by this our proclamation to all manner people being natural subjects of the said kingdom, that, from this time, they be discharged of all bonds and duties of subjection towards our father and be from the same time in nature and law bound only to us as to their only sovereign lord and King: wherewith we do by this our proclamation charge and ally them to us, promising on our part no less care towards their preservation than has been in our progenitor, and, not doubting on their part, they will observe the duty which belongs to natural, good, and true loving subjects.

And further we charge and command all manner our said subjects of every degree, to keep themselves in our peace, and not to attempt upon any pretense the breach, alteration, or change of any order or usage presently established within this our realm; upon pain of our indignation and the perils and punishment which thereto in anywise may belong.

Given at Our Court on the [23rd Day of March, 2008].


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