Dylan's Letter Of Marque

To all who see these presents, Greeting:

Be it known, that in pursuance to an Act of the Prince Regent Corwin of Amber, the Office of the Royal Counselor to the Crown of Amber is authorized to issue these Letters of Marque and have Commissioned and by these presents do commission, HIS HIGHNESS, PRINCE DYLAN of AMBER, a Special Commission and Office to seek out and investigate all Mysteries, Enigmas, and Undue Secrets that may be used against the Crown within the jurisdictional limits of the Kingdom of Amber and all her Domains of Shadow, including all Holdings in the Golden Circle and Outer Shadows thereof. He is to keep an exact Journal of Proceedings, and therein particularly to take notice of all Information learned, the nature of such Information, the Time and Place of it being taken, as also the Situation, Motion and Strength of the Enemy; of which he shall from Time to Time as he shall have Opportunity, to transmit an Account to Office of the Prince Regent of Amber. Provide always that security be given according to the Prince Regent's Instructions before mentioned; the Said Letters of Marque to continue in force until further orders, for which this shall be his Warrant.

This commission to continue in force during the pleasure of the Prince Regent of Amber.

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