Amber Meteorological Society

The Royal Charter

of the Kingdom of Amber and all Her Domains of Shadow, including all Holdings in the Golden Circle and Outer Shadows:


WHEREAS by the authority of the body known as the ROYAL METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY being a body incorporated in Our Kingdom of Amber, Our Trusty and well beloved Highness Princess Isabelle of Amber, by Her Petition to Us have represented: That the recognition of the status of the Society be the grant to it of a Charter as a Body Corporate in Our Kingdom of Amber representative of persons of the highest distinction and scholarship in the field of the Sciences would assist in the attainment of high standards in the scholarship of Meteorology in Amber and would help Amber scientists to take their full part in national and international activities in the field of Meteorology, thereby serving the best interests of the Kingdom and have therefore most humbly prayed that We should grant unto the Society a Charter of Incorporation.

AND WHEREAS We are minded to comply with the prayer of the said Petition:

NOW THEREFORE We, by virtue of Our Prerogative in that behalf and of all powers enabling Us so to do certain knowledge and mere motion have willed, granted, directed, appointed and declared and do hereby for Us will grant, direct, appoint, and declare as follows:

1. The persons now members of the aforesaid ROYAL METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY and all such persons as may hereafter become members of the Body Corporate hereby constitution shall for ever hereafter (so long as they continue to be members) be by virtue of these Presents one Body Corporate and Politics by the name of "The Royal Meteorological Society" and by the same name shall have perpetual succession.

2. The income and property of the Society shall be applied solely towards the advancement of the objects of the Society as hereinafter set out. The Society shall not carry on any trade or business or engage in any transaction with a view to the pecuniary gain or profit of the members.

3. Except as hereinafter provided, no member shall have any personal Claim on any property of the Society and no part of the income or property of the Society shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend or bonus or otherwise by way of profit to any individual member of the Society. Nothing herein contained shall prevent —

(a) The payment of remuneration to any officer or servant of the Society or any member of the Society or any other person in return for services rendered to the Society or for goods supplied in the ordinary course of business;
(b) the payment by the Society of the expenses incurred by any member of the Society in attending meetings, including meetings of the Society, or otherwise undertaking any business of the Society at the request of, or with the approval of, the Society;

4. The objects and purposes for which the Society is hereby constituted are the advancement of scholarship and of interest in and understanding of the Sciences and for that purpose:

(a) To advance knowledge of the Scientific Knowledge.
(b) To encourage and support scholarship in the Sciences, to promote studies therein and to assist the publication of any such studies.
c) To establish and maintain relations with international bodies concerned with the Sciences.
(d) To correlate and assist in correlating the efforts of other bodies in the Sciences.
(e) To arrange or assist in arranging meetings of scientist in Amber, to encourage and assist the visits of scientists from other countries to Amber, to assist Amber scientists in scholarly pursuits in Amber or the Golden Circle, and to assist in exchanges of scientists between Our Kingdom of Amber and other realms.
(f) To administer or assist in administering funds for the purposes of research in the Sciences.

5. The Society may, so far as it deems expedient, delegate any of its powers (except this power of delegation) to such committees as it may from time to time establish. The Society shall appoint the members of any committee that it establishes and shall determine the terms for which the members of any such committee shall hold office and may make rules for the conduct of the proceedings of any such committee and may otherwise regulate the activities of any such committee.

6. A general meeting of the Fellows of the Society shall be held within the period of six months after the date of these Presents at such time, date and place as the Society shall determine. A general meeting shall be held in each year at such place, being the capital city of Our Kingdom of Amber or of an Outer Territory or Shadow thereof, and at such date and time, as the Society shall determine.

Other general meetings of the Fellows of the Society, to be called Special General Meetings, may be convened by the Society at any time, and shall be convened by the Society on the requisition of such number of Fellows of the Society from time to time prescribe.

The Society may determine any question relating to the notice to be given of or as to any matter of procedure at any general meeting of the Fellows.

The Society may submit any question to the vote of the Fellows of the Society by means of a postal ballot to be conducted in such a manner as the Society may decide, and the decision arrived at by such a vote shall have the same force and effect as a resolution of the Fellows in general meeting.

7. And We do hereby for Us, Our Heirs and Successors grant and declare that these Our Letters or the enrollment or exemplification thereof shall be in all things good, firm, valid and effectual according to the true intent and meaning of the same and shall be taken, construed and adjudged in all Our Courts or elsewhere in the most favourable and beneficial sense and for the best advantage of the Society, any mis-recital, non-recital, omission, defect, imperfection, matter or thing whatsoever notwithstanding.

IN WITNESS thereof We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent.


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