Crown of Amber

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All declarations, letters, decisions, and laws passed by the Crown of the Amber and presented on this wiki are character owned and character driven. The staff acknowledges that characters are planning and releasing changes to the governmental structure of Road to Amber, and the staff does not control, create, nor dictate what is on the wiki nor the direction of the government. All content here is character-created and the government is fully character-owned.

Do not contact staff with issues regarding this material in the first instance. Credit goes to Addison for drafting the original Crown wiki and many of the legal documents and other content found here. Blame, however, now rests exclusively with Corwin, so please +mail him if you have questions or concerns.

The Reign of King Corwin

With the impromptu coronation of Corwin in the Music Parlor of the Palace, the reign of King Corwin formally began. It has been marked by a liberality unseen in ether Eric's short, brutal rule or Oberon's long reign. However, there is an almost palpable tension between Corwin's humanistic tendencies and his deep-rooted fear that Amber may prove to be a realm that can be ruled by nothing save an iron fist.

Liberality is, of course, a relative thing. Corwin jealously guards the privileges of the monarch and has been rumored to have engineered various acts of violence, and even the downfall of a Duke. But widespread purges, political executions and ostentatious acts of torture and humiliation seem (for now, at least) to be things of the past.

Corwin's Regency, and the early days of his Reign, were marked by a certain informality which he felt was suited to the time and circumstances. He ruled, in essence, from the sitting room of his private apartments. In more recent days, though, he has come to hold Court in the Throne Room. Except during closed session, the Throne Room is open for courtiers to be present, talk, lobby one another, be seen, etc.

Governing Philosophy (OOC Thoughts)

Because the actions and reactions of the King of Amber impact the play of many, if not all, players on the MUSH, Corwin's player thought it prudent to give some insight (and perhaps fair warning) into his approach to play.

Current Royal Appointments

There are many royal appointments to various offices within the government structure and formal bureaucracy. These are the people entrusted to running the day to day functions of the government, including the administrative, legislative and judicial functions of the Kingdom of Amber. They should be the first stop before heading directly to the King, if the topic falls within their purview. Note: The rule of reason applies here — on matters of great urgency, or if the person hasn't logged in for a while, feel free to ping Corwin.

Royal Acts

Corwin has been fairly prolific with edicts during his reign, first as Regent, then as King. Here are some of the key documents he has issued, along with various other documents.

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